General Info

  • Shorts/Tights: Shorts and tights will be available for purchase on registration nights, and at the venues on competition nights. Shorts are $30, and tights are $40. To ensure that players get the sizes that they need, it is recommended that shorts/tights are purchased on one of our registration nights. Shorts and tights that are worn in our competitions must be the OFFICIAL OZTAG shorts, made by Oztag merchandise. Players are not allowed to wear home made shorts on the field at any time. Any player found to be wearing home made shorts will be removed from the field.
  • Footwear: All players must wear footwear on the Oztag field. Moulded sole turf shoes are recommended, however, they are not necessary. No boots with screw in studs, metal or plastic, are permitted to be worn on the field.      
  • Team Registration form: All players must fill in their details and sign the TEAM REGISTRATION form. If players are not listed on this form or have not signed and filled in their details, they may not be covered by Oztag's insurance.
  • Individual Registration form: All NEW players must complete and submit an INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION form BEFORE they play their first game. Upon submission, they will receive an individual registration number which is valid for the duration of that player's participation in any Oztag competition within Australia.           



  • How long do games go for? Games go for 42 minutes - 2 x 20 minute halves, with a 2 minute half time interval.
  • How many players on a team/field? 

       - Womens: 7 players on the field.

       - Mens: 8 players on the field.

       - Mixed: 8 players on the field, with a maximum 4 males at any one time.   

  • Can I register extra players mid season? Yes! However, to qualify for finals players must have played at least 5 games in your team.
  • Can I get someone to fill in for the night? No! "Ring-in"/fill in players are not allowed. All players must be registered on your team's rego form, and must sign on every week before they take the field. Any teams found to have "ring-in"/fill in players will automatically forfeit that game, and the "ring-in" player/s will receive a 2 week suspension from all teams they are registered in within the Sutherland Shire area.
  • Do we need a uniform? Official Oztag shorts or tights must be worn at all times. Teams must also take the field in the same colour t-shirts/singlets with numbers on the back. T-shirts/singlets must be long enough to tuck into shorts/tights.
  • What are the time slots played? In both Summer and Winter timeslots are usually 6:15, 7:00, 7:45 & 8:30pm. This may vary slightly for some competitions due to council requests.


If you have any further questions please contact us on (02) 9531-0966, or send an email to